I was recently  invited to my first ever whiskey launch, and it felt like an enormous privilege to be asked to come along and try four terrific new bottlings, compliments of the whiskey makers themselves. It was a privilege I would’ve been very happy to have paid for .

So I figured it was about time I earned the right to be involved in the Irish Whiskey scene. So I’ve become a fully paid-up member of the blogosphere, because there really aren’t enough chancers out there trying to get free stuff….

I’ll be posting about the world of Irish Whiskey when I feel I have something worthy of saying. I’ll be featuring whiskeys I love and that I’d love to try, events, launches, bars and people involved in the business.

I’ll be welcoming your comments, questions, praise, criticisms, and chat so please feel free to get involved.

You can find me on Instagram- @whiskeypaddy, and on twitter- @whiskey_paddy (someone claimed the non-underscore version before me) where I also witter about whiskey.

Let the blogging adventure begin!