A New Year Dawns…

Here’s wishing all you whiskey and whiskey lovers out there the happiest of Happy New Years, wherever in the world you may be.

Whiskey 9

This has been a crazy year, with a few lows, but thankfully many many more highs.
My favourite whiskey moments of 2017 included Whiskey Live Dublin (of course), attending the Method & Madness launch party, a great tour of Tullamore Dew, and receiving an unbelievably generous sample of a dreamcask in the post (thanks again @whiskey_jac -I will belatedly return the favour as promised in the new year).

But the absolute best was cracking open a bottle of Redbreast 21 with my groomsmen and family the night before I officially made my lady Mrs Whiskeypaddy.
Looking forward to 2018, the thing I’m most excited about is seeing Slane Whiskey, (which I live just 5 minutes from) finally start to produce their own liquid. I’ll be banging on their door offering my services as a taster(or looking for any work that involves seeing their whiskey mature and develop!).

Best wishes for the year ahead to you all, and I hope your celebrations includes good friends and a glass of something great.

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